1. A multidisciplinary artist run studio.

    2. A group of thinking bodies crawl in between layers of cardboards.

    3. Limbs of the tardigrades stretched beyond the meaning of space swaying in the middle of CBD, a creative act of embodiment, collaboration. Boneless place, forever in transition. Sustainability, a term circulates between us all.


Carrying the ambition to defamiliarize the traditional concept of an artist-run studio, Mongoose’s vision gathered 8 Tardigrades to formulate our own process-driven, sustainable, and experiential environment.
We met amongst the cardboards, the trash, the hectic midst of process and making.

This is our meeting point where creativity, cultures and ideas circulate and recycle, generating fresh perspectives on sustainability through art-making.

Adventurous, diverse, inclusive and multidisciplinary.

When us Tardigrades connect, to research, to curate, to play; traces of art follow, leaving bold statements in time and space that belong to us and all.

By Yin-Chi and Java