Mongoose Chen


“I started TW”
The initiator of the all. 
Have very borad interest from science to arts.
Having too many ideas.

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Java Bentley


“Making do often comprised of shopping in rubbish bins, picking up interesting objects and saving resources, naturally shifted the ethos of my practise to making out of upcycled and repurposed materials. Brought up in a DIY home and my Dad who worked at Burrells Demolition yard, we were taught to look at used items as treasures, making me a skilled collector of materials. Being mindful of cultural trends, sustainability to me is constantly learning about the world and reflecting on the tools we use in our everyday.”

The maker with solid hands on skills.

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Angela Hu


“art is an effective lense for me to see alternative ways of engaging with comodities and the aftermath.”
All rounder.

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Darryl Chin


Hikaru Good

Workshop helper

Alice Wu