1. A multidisciplinary artist run studio.

    2. A group of thinking bodies crawl in between layers of cardboards.

    3. Limbs of the tardigrades stretched beyond the meaning of space swaying in the middle of CBD, a creative act of embodiment, collaboration. Boneless place, forever in transition. Sustainability, a term circulates between us all.

Research in Art and Sustainability

exprimental film

This is an experimental film series directed and produced by artists at Tardigrade World.  These films discuss and reflect on our physical studio space, the chemistry of our artist collective and the vision and purpose of Tardigrade World.

Angela Hu

JingCheng Zhao

Yin-Chi Lee

Darryl Chin
Waste Archive

Waste Archive is a publication that aims to inscribe sustainability into a lifestyle and culture volume communicated through writings on contemporary art, entrepreneurial creativity as well as a platform for distributing knowledge and information coming from the sustainability sector.

With this volume, our goal and purpose is to share sustainability as a cultural mindset and merge the information gap between the people who take care of our environment and make decisions in this field, and the general population who are interested but may lack access to such practices due to the way our systems work.