1. A multidisciplinary artist run studio.

    2. A group of thinking bodies crawl in between layers of cardboards.

    3. Limbs of the tardigrades stretched beyond the meaning of space swaying in the middle of CBD, a creative act of embodiment, collaboration. Boneless place, forever in transition. Sustainability, a term circulates between us all.




Ugly Mugs︎︎︎




Preparing our wrapping station from our trash collection!
Upcycled Wrapping Station
@Ellen Melville Centre


During the event AMFxpress orgnised by AMF Social

12 Dec 2020


︎By Java, Angela, Darryl and Mongoose

We are providing wrapping service during this maker market before Christmas of 2020.

our wrapping materials are all upcycled. 

People are making their own business cards!
Upcycled Business Cards 



︎Lead By  Angela
︎Designed by Mongooe and Darryl

This project is about
encouraging people using off-cuts from a local printing shop to make their own business cards with provided stamps.

I'm expecting watermelon growing out from this bed in 3-4 months.
Planting Day @ Mairangi Arts Centre Map

Starts from
10 Oct 2020


︎By Mongoose

The purpose of this workshop is reusing abandent funitures in the garden as containers or pots. 
We started at 11th Oct and will keeep developing on it through the summer.
Keep eye on our Instagram for

What is the best way of observing trash in a non-conventional way?
Waste Tour
@Mairangi Arts Centre Map

26 Sep 2020


︎By Java

Join Distributed Resource Centre Resident Artists Mongoose and Java from Tardigrade World on a treasure hunt around Mairangi Bay village, explore our local community waste-conscious, and see what rubbish we are throwing out. [Supported, in part, by Hibiscus and Bays Local Board.

Waste Journaling
@ Samoa House Library

July 2019  


︎BY Java 

Seeking interesting patterns like discarding rubbish and journaling, hand-in-hand make like a match made for change. Tardigrade World’s Waste Journaling workshop was designed to create new routines, using everyday waste and presenting it as an archive or record of one’s personal journey of waste making.

This workshop followed by Java’s exhibiton at Rm Gallery.  Here is the review!

Trash Making
Studio One Toi Tū


︎By Java

Rubbish Making workshop was curated to interact with participants not only to inform sustainable art making but to also be activated within a space overwhelmed by rubbish, tools and art potential. As it was prominent for Tardigrade World artists as part of Hangarua workshops to create an experience, participants walked into a rubbish sealed house acting as a container of hoarded mess, materials, everyday waste, excess resources and a feeling of home?