1. A multidisciplinary artist run studio.

    2. A group of thinking bodies crawl in between layers of cardboards.

    3. Limbs of the tardigrades stretched beyond the meaning of space swaying in the middle of CBD, a creative act of embodiment, collaboration. Boneless place, forever in transition. Sustainability, a term circulates between us all.


︎Tardigrade World is an artist run studio/collective that facilitates a physical space near Karangahape Road. Its current members form a sustainability research assemblage where the practice of art occurs alongside continuing issues such as climate change, as well as social and economic challenges. This continuum strives to express all aspects of art and sustainability.

︎︎The space in which Tardigrade World residents inhibit strive to foster and expand the traditional concept of collaboration. Taking on the model of a circular economy, Tardigrade World aims to intersect and integrate community artists, to imaginatively invent, blend, fuse, select, and morph environmental and social sustainability influences.

︎Tardigrade World is an inclusive and diverse space that wishes to expand the concept of collaboration. This is being carried out through various events: Rona VS Art, a COVID-Recovery networking event, fine arts and movement experiential workshops as well as critical publications on climate change...etc. We are also collaborating with other groups and venues like Fluid Boarders, Ellen Melville Centre, Papakura Gallery, Audio Foundation, Meanwhile gallery and Mairangi Art Centre.

︎We are motivated by art and sustainability because we share the vision of how the two subjects could benefit each other. We want to spread this vision to our community to make it into a more exciting and inspirational place.
︎︎︎ Where we are?

Unit3, Ground Floor, 1 Cross St, Auckland Central

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