Tardigrade World
-Sustianable Art Innovation: Research Assembly

TW 2024 ++
  1. Object Reborn 
  2. Trash Talk
  3. Thread Exchange (Collaborative Project)

TW 2023 ++
  1. Franklin Art Centre Show
  2. Waste Archive Issue Two

TW 2022 ++
  1. Waste Archive Issue One
  2. ACRCAR at Tamaki
  3. ACRCAR Show at Tamaki
  4. ACRCAR Show at Waiuku
  5. ACRCAR  Participated Artists
  6. ACRCAR Workshops

TW 2021 ++
  1. Mugly
  2. Hangarua Workshops 2021

TW 2020 ++
  1. RM Residency
  2. During COVID-19 Lockdowns
  3. Waste Tour 
  4. Plant Day
  5. Audio Foundation Show
  6. Tardigrade World Trashygrade World Show 2020
  7. The Projacket

TW 2019 ++
  1. The Starting Point of TW Te Tuhi Parnell Studio Opening
  2. Samoa House Library Workshop
  3. Studio One Workshop

Tardigrade World — Info

“Sustainable Art Innovations: Research Assembly“

Welcome to Tardigrade World!

Tardigrade World (TW) is where art meets sustainability. Established in 2019, we transform environmental challenges into creative opportunities, aligning with Auckland Council's zero waste by 2040 goal. Join us as we blend art, science, and community to craft a greener future.

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The Exhibtion

At Tamaki Zero Waste Hub
15th Oct to 22Nov 2022

The Auckland Community Recycling Center Art Residency (ACRCAR) facilitates collaboration between artists and community recycling centres, hosting on-site exhibitions and public programmes. Our research looks at finding creative utilisations of waste materials that are challenging to recycle, reuse, or resell. 

We want to bring awareness to the waste discourse and redefine ideas of waste and wasting. We aim to solidify the connection between the Auckland community recycling centres and the local art community, supporting more sustainable creative practices whilst bringing awareness to local waste goals. Our long-term goal is to accelerate a scalable waste re-distribution network within Aotearoa.

The 18-week pilot art residency is set within the inorganic waste depot at Pilkington Rd, where we have set up a workshop and studio space for art-making and group research. In addition, materials have been sourced from other community recycling sites in and around Auckland.

Our workshop at the Pilkington rd site is the heart of the operations, a space where skills and techniques are shared for the purpose of innovation with the help of on-site technicians. This workshop acts as a research module by giving us the opportunity to interactively learn, test, refine, craft and generally learn about common waste materials.

List of
Weaving Bench, Chris Berthelston.

Upholstered Chair, Chris Berthelston.

Waste Iconography 1, Domestic detritus on scrap plywood. Giulio Laura.

Waste Iconography 1, Rescued fabric on abandoned high visibility vest. Giulio Laura.

Old Lighting Solutions, Abandoned piping on rusty weights. Giulio Laura.

Edu Bench, Rumen Rachev.

Domestic Separators, Mongoose Chen, Giulio Laura, Robin Paulsen.

Self Playing Piano, Revived “dead" SLA batteries from golf cart, modified fans from computer power supply, corks, screws, wires, twigs, string, inside of piano, aluminum pots, various. Adam Ben-Dror.

Design speculations for useful objects from e-waste and other foraged materials. Adam Ben-Dror.

“Wind” Chime / Christmas Tree, Utilising (塊) Katamari and Storage in UseTM methodologies, trampoline frame, castors from bed base, obsolete gaming consoles, repaired car radio, foot massage machine, silver ducting, speakers, xylophone, engine from weed eater, superman figurine, suspension mechanism from washing machine, LED lights, revived "dead" car batteries, bicycle innertubes, various. Chris Berthelson, Adam Ben-Dror, Rumen Rachev.

Massage Organ, Kenwood "Super Woofer", synthesiser, legs from stool, bicycle wheel innertube. Chris Berthelson, Adam Ben-Dror, Rumen Rachev

Mobility Scooters, Backcasting for forward momentum (various mobility devices for hope-full aging). Chris Berthelson, Adam Ben-Dror, Rumen Rachev.

The Open-Source Sewing Lab, Xin Cheng.

Traces and deformity, Angela Hu & Sena Park.

Can’t find it, Woet Edwin.

Repair, release Mont Sainte Victoire no.6, Java Bentley.

Magic Cape, Sena Park.