TW 2024 ++
  1. Object Reborn 
  2. Trash Talk
  3. Thread Exchange (Collaborative Project)

TW 2023 ++
  1. Franklin Art Centre Show

TW 2022 ++
  1. Waste Archive
  2. ACRCAR at Pilkington
  3. ACRCAR at Waiuku
  4. ACRCAR Workshops

TW 2021 ++
  1. Mugly
  2. Hangarua Workshops 2021

TW 2020 ++
  1. RM Residency
  2. During COVID-19 Lockdowns
  3. Waste Tour 
  4. Plant Day
  5. Audio Foundation Show
  6. Tardigrade World Trashygrade World Show 2020
  7. The Projacket

TW 2019 ++
  1. Te Tuhi Parnell Studio Opening
  2. Samoa House Library Workshop
  3. Studio One Workshop

Tardigrade World —

“Sustainable Art Innovations: Research Assembly“

Welcome to Tardigrade World!

Tardigrade World (TW) is where art meets sustainability. Established in 2019, we transform environmental challenges into creative opportunities, aligning with Auckland Council's zero waste by 2040 goal. Join us as we blend art, science, and community to craft a greener future.

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Building a circulting system with unwanted serveware!

Mugly Station at the Auckland Community Recycling Centre Art Residency Opening. 

Mugly operates as a circular economy initiative in Tamaki Makaurau, with a primary focus on reducing single-use  cup waste.

Mugly was launched at OPEN on Karangahape Road.

Donation box for Mugly in Ponsonby.

We began by distributing crates of clean mugs to cafes in central Auckland, allowing coffee patrons to use them for free and take them for reuse. Used mugs can be returned to any Mugly bins in Grey Lynn and Ponsonby. This concept succeeded in 9 cafes (
OPEN, Little Algiers, Bagel Love Karangahape Rd, Pink Neon Sign, Boost, Crumb, and Cross St Cafe) till 2022.

In 2022, with help from Adriana Makeown from The Pallet Kingdom. We developed a Mugly Station equipped with clean mugs, designed for small-scale events such as weddings and birthday parties. This ensures that single-use cup waste is effectively managed during these gatherings, further contributing to our waste reduction goals.

Check out the Mugly Station!

The Mugly Station is designed for events focusing on waste reduction in smaller or domestic settings.

As depicted in the photo on the right, we offer this trolley with clean mugs neatly organized in clean crates. Event attendees have the freedom to use these mugs as needed and conveniently return them to the designated dirty crate when they are done.