TW 2024 ++
  1. Object Reborn 
  2. Trash Talk
  3. Thread Exchange (Collaborative Project)

TW 2023 ++
  1. Franklin Art Centre Show

TW 2022 ++
  1. Waste Archive
  2. ACRCAR at Pilkington
  3. ACRCAR at Waiuku
  4. ACRCAR Workshops

TW 2021 ++
  1. Mugly
  2. Hangarua Workshops 2021

TW 2020 ++
  1. RM Residency
  2. During COVID-19 Lockdowns
  3. Waste Tour 
  4. Plant Day
  5. Audio Foundation Show
  6. Tardigrade World Trashygrade World Show 2020
  7. The Projacket

TW 2019 ++
  1. Te Tuhi Parnell Studio Opening
  2. Samoa House Library Workshop
  3. Studio One Workshop

Tardigrade World —

“Sustainable Art Innovations: Research Assembly“

Welcome to Tardigrade World!

Tardigrade World (TW) is where art meets sustainability. Established in 2019, we transform environmental challenges into creative opportunities, aligning with Auckland Council's zero waste by 2040 goal. Join us as we blend art, science, and community to craft a greener future.

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---->Upcycling Art Workshop Series

Designed by Helena Tsang
Upcoming Workshop at Mt Albert Library.
Check the event on Facebook here

Object Reborn uses donated community materials to transform waste into upcycled art. These workshops serve as a creative platform for community engagement, fostering innovative thinking about waste reduction. 

The Goal is to create a fun and leisurely environment where community members can actively participate in sustainability. By integrating creativity with waste reduction, we inspire daily sustainable actions, making sustainability a natural part of everyday life.
  1. Community Engagement
  2. Environmental Impact
  3. Creative Expression
  4. Educational Outreach

Check the impact report of the first Workshop on 30th April 2024