TW 2024 ++
  1. Object Reborn 
  2. Trash Talk
  3. Thread Exchange (Collaborative Project)

TW 2023 ++
  1. Franklin Art Centre Show

TW 2022 ++
  1. Waste Archive
  2. ACRCAR at Pilkington
  3. ACRCAR at Waiuku
  4. ACRCAR Workshops

TW 2021 ++
  1. Mugly
  2. Hangarua Workshops 2021

TW 2020 ++
  1. RM Residency
  2. During COVID-19 Lockdowns
  3. Waste Tour 
  4. Plant Day
  5. Audio Foundation Show
  6. Tardigrade World Trashygrade World Show 2020
  7. The Projacket

TW 2019 ++
  1. Te Tuhi Parnell Studio Opening
  2. Samoa House Library Workshop
  3. Studio One Workshop

Tardigrade World —

“Sustainable Art Innovations: Research Assembly“

Welcome to Tardigrade World!

Tardigrade World (TW) is where art meets sustainability. Established in 2019, we transform environmental challenges into creative opportunities, aligning with Auckland Council's zero waste by 2040 goal. Join us as we blend art, science, and community to craft a greener future.

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Art and Sustainability Research Group

Welcome to Tardigrade World (TW), where art meets sustainability in the most imaginative ways! Founded in 2019, TW set out to revolutionise waste management using the transformative power of art. We’re all about turning trash into treasure, sparking creativity, and inspiring eco-friendly behaviour. Our mission dances in step with Auckland Council's bold goal of zero waste by 2040, helping pave the way for a greener, cleaner future.

“Concept cover for Waste Archive”

Tardigrade World (TW) was established to harness the transformative power of art in addressing environmental challenges. We believe that art can significantly impact waste management by fostering creativity, promoting behaviour change, and encouraging hands-on craftsmanship.     Our Focus:

  • Art
  • Sustainablity 
  • Transdisciplinary practice

             Contributing to a sustainable future for our community, TW bridges the gap between artists and resource recovery networks, fostering a collaborative environment to realise our vision practically. This synergy allows us to explore innovative solutions, test strategies, and implement our vision, benefiting our community and advancing broader sustainability goals. Transdisciplinary practice is central to TW's approach, breaking down traditional boundaries and embracing a holistic, collaborative method that spans various fields and expertise. This enables us to integrate diverse perspectives and drive innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges.

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